You’re Probably Sleeping on the Next Big Writing Platform & You’ll Regret It

Thankfully it’s not too late — yet

Kyle Chastain


Remember when you first started writing on Medium?

You probably read lots of stories here about writers who made $10k per month and wrote full-time.

You got excited because, hey, that’s the dream!

Then, you learned it’s no longer possible to make that kind of money because the platform has changed. A lot.

If only you’d started writing here in 2017!

Well, I can’t change the past for you. But I can share one of the biggest opportunities for writers and creators out there today.


Yep, you read that right. It’s no longer just a place to post boring work updates and resumes. LinkedIn has evolved over the years.

The problem is, this is probably your last chance to get an early start. Like every other platform — including this one — it’ll eventually get overrun with creators and be harder to “make it” there.

If you want to use your writing skills to join the creator economy, the time is now!

How platforms evolve



Kyle Chastain

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