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Say “Yes” to life • Husband and dad 2x • I only share advice I’ve lived • Say hello:

Stop ruminating on the old and embrace a new reality.

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After two thousand years, He’s still one of the most controversial figures in history

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Tap into the life-changing power of a new narrative.

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Scripture Prompt

You need a way to orient your life

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Use it as a guide when you need to make a decision.

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It’s all a game you can win, but you have to play by the rules.

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You have no idea what you’re capable of achieving.

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Capture the power of the moments between moments.

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Don’t let false expectations can keep you from even trying.

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It’s the driving story of all life

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  1. Oh great, you’re one of those people who believe in a sky fairy.
  2. Oh great! Someone like me.
  3. I don’t care what you believe but don’t try to force it on anyone.

Kyle Chastain

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