6 Little Traits That Reveal Your True Self

Self-knowledge is the ultimate superpower.

Kyle Chastain
4 min readNov 16, 2021


According to legend, the Temple of Apollo in Greece bore the inscription “Know thyself.” That inscription still fascinates us because we haven’t mastered its wisdom.

We make decisions we know we will regret because they’re easy and convenient.

Self-awareness is a lifelong journey. If you could truly understand yourself, you’d be able to make better decisions about your life. It would mean less unnecessary pain for you, and possibly getting more of what you want.

So, why is self-knowledge so elusive to us?

Because we’d rather lie to ourselves than face the truth. It’s easier to believe in a fantasy about yourself than to take an honest look at your life. Do you know what doesn’t lie? Your actions.

The truth is, we’re obsessed with the idea of self-awareness. Facebook had to ban personality quizzes because so many people were taking them and surrendering personal information about themselves. So why don’t we use more self-awareness to make decisions?

Actions really do speak louder than words, and how you act tells you more about yourself than any personality test.

With that in mind, here are 6 little traits that reveal your true self.

How you act under pressure

The assassin’s bullet came out of the dark. It barely missed its intended mark–President-Elect Franklin D. Roosevelt–by a few inches, hitting the nearby mayor of Chicago instead. Despite coming so close to death, Roosevelt didn’t finch.

Everyone reacts differently to pressure. Some people lash out, others run from it. Many try to eliminate it from their lives altogether. Still, some aren’t bothered by pressure and can maintain a clear mind.

Understanding how you react to pressure is crucial because it helps you make decisions about what opportunities are good for you. If you can’t handle high pressure and put yourself in a high-pressure job, you’ll be miserable. It sounds simple but this is powerful self-knowledge.

How you treat people you don’t need