5 Headline Types That Have Made Me Thousands of Dollars

Anyone can learn how to write them

Kyle Chastain


You know your headlines need work. But no matter how much you try, you just can’t seem to strike a balance between clickbait and clickable. You’re writing interesting posts, but nobody knows because they aren’t clicking on them.

If you learn to write better headlines, your posts will get more readers.

While there are many ways to write headlines, there are a few that work exceptionally well on Medium. Chances are, you’ve seen them on your feed. In this post, I’ll break them down and teach you how to write them so you can get more readers.

Ready? Lets’s jump in.

The provocateur

This kind of headline states a belief or stance on an issue.

Here are a few examples from posts I’ve written:

  • Maybe You Should Stop Trying so Hard
  • Your Job is Not Supposed to Make You Happy
  • Your Need for Control Ruins Everything

This type of headline screams confidence and opens a loop for your reader. What does that mean?

In storytelling, an open loop when the writer creates a question in the reader’s mind.



Kyle Chastain

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